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Broadband, WiFi and reliability of coverage and speed are increasingly seen as key influencers in initial or repeat bookings for holiday homes as well as the reviews guests leave.

A great WiFi experience drives customer satisfaction, whilst new efficient SMART technology and monitoring can help save money on running costs and increase security.

Tanist offers a locally delivered and fully managed service, designed to deliver a fantastic experience for guests and remove 'technology' pressures from holiday home owners.

The Tanist service features:

  • Comprehensive installation, ensuring property-wide WiFi coverage
  • Connection and confi guration for any SMART devices in the home
  • Dedicated helpline for owners and guests
  • 24/7 monitoring service and local team to resolve any issues quickly
  • Emergency 4G router service for major network faults to ensure connection
  • Monitoring and intervention to protect misuse of the service

Tanist ensures each solution is tailored to your needs, bringing 10 years of experience across over 170 holiday homes.

We use WiFi access point devices that are discreet, available in a range of finishes and can be mounted on ceilings and walls. They are reliable and remotely manageable. When positioned around a property, they provide extensive coverage over different floors and even outdoor areas.

What does the Tanist Holiday Home WiFi and Internet service provide?

  • Initial consultation – we carry out a free survey to review and establish the best installation options.
  • Professional installation service – devices installed discreetly* and optimally placed to maximise coverage.

Over the years, we have visited a number of holiday properties that have the Tanist Holiday Wi-Fi system installed and always found the service to be prompt and reliable. Also, when we have called their Helpline, staff have been polite, responsive and helpful. We are now looking forward to having their service installed in one of our own properties

— Mrs Grant

Tanist's fully managed service, starting from only £11.25 per month, includes:

  • Connecting all your 'tech' – 'go live' testing and connection to SMART devices, from TVs and monitoring equipment to gaming consoles.
  • Maximising coverage – 'outside of property' WiFi extensions to cover the garden, games room or additional on-site buildings.
  • Peace of mind – installing 'tamper free' equipment and monitoring access to prevent misuse.
  • Keeping guests connected – providing simple 'in' and 'out' connection so that guests are connected the moment they arrive.
  • Monitoring and support – providing answers to any tricky 'tech' questions Mon-Sat for both you and your guests, plus 24/7 monitoring to help ensure consistent connection at your home.
  • 4G routers in the event of a broadband outage – stay connected when a main provider experiences down-time.**
  • How Tanist is looking to the future...

    • Highlighting new technology or applications – whether it's webcams, SMART energy devices or security systems, we're always looking to help save you money on running costs, ensure your property remains secure and your guests have the best possible experience.

    To access the Tanist Holiday Home Internet Service, all you need to do is...

    Get in touch today! Just call 01208 851166 or email contact us using the box below and we can discuss your property requirements and the ways we can help you. We’ll then arrange a survey visit or assessment and provide a formal support proposal within 10 days.

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    *where it is possible to do so **subject to network coverage

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