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SMART technology is providing exciting opportunities to increase home or office efficiency and security and enhance the use of entertainment or audio-visual media. New, innovative applications are now available that let you remotely control heating, lighting, video and audio systems both inside and outside a property. SMART systems can be tailored to save you time and money and enhance the security of your staff, visitors or family. Tanist can help you identify SMART opportunities for your home or business and our professional team will install, set up and maintain the technology so all you experience are the benefits.

SMART technology can provide the following benefits:

  • Control Exterior and Interior Lighting Systems - from a standard switch, a touch screen, a remote control or from your smartphone. SMART solutions can let you manage lighting remotely, set a security schedule or a simple ‘welcome home’ lighting that provides essential security to your family or staff.
  • Never Leave Lights or Heating on Unnecessarily - your home-automation system can reduce energy usage by configuring your system to adjust your thermostat and turn off some or all the lights when you leave home or when your office is empty. Motion sensors also help ensure that lights are only on when someone is in the room.
  • Enhanced Home or Office Security – SMART technology can activate security lighting, can set lighting patterns to give the illusion your home or office is occupied or link up with security cameras to track or screen visitors and deliveries. The technology can be managed and linked direct to remote devices or single interfaces, giving you increased levels of confidence and personal security.
  • Remote Property Monitoring and Access – allowing you to set sensors for water or gas leaks, monitor smoke detectors and freezer settings and also provide external contractors or visitors to have monitored access when properties are empty.
  • Enhancing your Home Entertainment – SMART technology allows you link all your home entertainment to one controller device managing the viewing and providing the ability to distribute music inside and outside of your property

Tanist SMART Automation Technology support is tailored to your specific needs and includes:

  • Specialist SMART Application Consultancy helping you identify and select innovative commercial, domestic and visitor SMART solution options.
  • Domestic or Business Applications – providing tailored solutions that are right for home or business locations including holiday letting properties.
  • SMART Installation – our ‘in-house’ team with full technical expertise providing professional installation, set-up and operation support.
  • Maintenance and Support – ongoing monitoring, guidance and maintenance aligned with priority access to our professional support team.
  • Systems Integration – technical support to ensure your SMART applications and operational systems are fully ‘joined up’ with your office and mobile systems.

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