CASE STUDY: St. Joseph’s School All-Weather Pitch Floodlighting Project

We have been working with our client St. Joseph’s School to use technology to assist with the control of the new floodlighting system on their all-weather pitch.

After the electricians at the school had installed the new lighting system, we worked with them to install Internet enabled switches on each of the lighting channels; of which there were 4 total.

The requirement dictated that anyone with access to the mobile app is able to turn on and off the lighting, whilst ensuring that the lighting is not accidentally left on or turned on out of hours when it could be disruptive to neighbouring properties. Additionally, to protect the lighting systems, minimum on and off periods should be set such that the circuits can not be turned on and off too frequently, potentially causing damage to the equipment.

To address this, a bespoke application was developed in-house to interface directly with the lighting channel control boards. The app provides a responsive web interface to control the lighting from anywhere in the world. The app communicates with the server, and is multi-user aware so changes are synchronised across open copies of the app and users are warned of other users’ activity.

Activity on the app is logged to a database allowing a report to be produced showing when and for how long the lighting was on.

In addition to the manual switching ability for the pitch floodlights, an additional requirement was created from a need to illuminate certain areas of the school during dawn and dusk periods. Due to the fact this period changes time every day, the app was coded to take into account the times and switch a further channel of LED floodlighting according to the sunset and sunrise times.

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The resultant solution worked out to be very cost effective and provides a simple solution to an awkward problem for low cost.