Complex WiFi Coverage Solutions

Strong and reliable WiFi is essential to business operations yet for many owners there can be problems in securing the right connectivity and coverage. For some the challenge can be more significant with location, access or business model ruling out standard connection options. Tanist has over 25 years’ experience in providing innovative WiFi coverage solutions to all businesses, and we are proud of our reputation for overcoming complex obstacles. So, whatever your location or coverage challenge our professional team will identify, install and maintain the WiFi that gets you, and keeps you, connected.

Tanist’s WiFi Coverage service can identify, install and maintain WiFi across:

  • Office and Commercial Premises – addressing multiple building, floor or site configuration requirements.
  • Multiple Locations – ensuring consistent connectivity across multiple sites and satellite locations.
  • Mobile Operations – supporting businesses with remote teams or ‘mobile based’ trading activities.
  • Off Grid Locations – designing innovative alternative or renewable power solutions to enable WiFi in locations with no ‘grid’ electricity.
  • Remote or Complex Locations – installing alternative connectivity solutions to isolated or off-network premises or trading locations.
  • Tourism Destinations – providing extended and secure WiFi for visitor attractions or harbours requiring multiple user connectivity.

Tanist WiFi Coverage Support is tailored to your specific needs and includes:

  • Specialist Consultancy and Problem Solving reviewing your location and business needs and specifying innovative solution options.
  • WiFi Optimisation – identifying and deploying technology that will extend, strengthen or boost your connectivity across key operational locations.
  • Systems Installation – our ‘in-house’ team with full technical expertise providing professional installation and onsite configuration and transition support.
  • Systems Integration – technical support to ensure your WiFi and operational systems are fully ‘joined up’.
  • Expansion Options – expandable solutions to ensure your WiFi can transition and grow with your business.
  • Maintenance and Support – ongoing monitoring, guidance and maintenance aligned with priority access to our professional support team.
  • New Technology Applications – guidance and advice on SMART technology and WiFi digital innovations that could improve your business performance.

To request a quote for improving your WiFi coverage, all you need to do is:

Call or email and we can discuss your WiFi requirements.

We’ll usually arrange a survey visit to assess your needs in order to present you with a formal support proposal within 5 working days.


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For example, we’ve provided secure WiFi onboard the Bodinnick ferry, beaming the signal from one slipway across the estuary and allowing them to offer card payments as an option to their customers. We've also supplied WiFi to allow a web camera to stream to the internet, across a mile of countryside to a coast watch hut that had limited electricity, supplied by solar panel and car battery. Neither of these are usual WiFi implementations but certainly a flavour of what we have been able to achieve when an innovative solution is required.

We use these equipment suppliers: