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Sharing your view with the world has been made easier with the advent of superfast broadband coupled with high-definition IP cameras that connect directly to the Internet without the need for a computer or server.

A large number of businesses in Cornwall and Devon benefit from great views across the beautiful coastline and landscapes in this area of the country. When advertising tourism based businesses such as holiday cottages, hotels, guest houses, cafes, restaurants etc., what better way to attract customers than to show them in real time the views they can enjoy whilst visiting your corner of paradise.

We have been installing webcams in locations across Cornwall for over 10 years and offer a wide range of cameras depending on the features and image quality required. We have created the streaming video provider to enable us to offer high capacity video feeds that are compatible with mobile devices and don’t buffer or stutter when under high load.


If you’re interested in using a webcam to promote your business or accommodation, please get in touch.

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